Trigger Analysing

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TriggerScan™ gives the capability to test all the relevant properties of a trigger characteristic electronically.

It will give information about the complete force versus travel graph of a trigger and show the consistency.

On longer trigger pulls, as the double action trigger or the modern service type firearms, this method is superior as it detects every little change in the trigger pull.

Available Videos:
- Double Action Test

- Single Action Test with lock time measurement

In times of the computer and quality control, there is a need a modern technique to evaluate all relevant properties of a trigger mechanism in a reproducible way.
The TriggerScan™ System is offering the solution for this task. It can also evaluate the force that is returning the Trigger to its home position.

With the TriggerScan™ system one can evaluate trigger mechanism computerized and get the complete force development. It will produce the full graph of the necessary force versus the displacement of the trigger. The software will immediately display the following properties:

  • Peak Force
  • Initial take up
  • Travel to actuate
  • Overtravel
  • Energy to actuate the trigger
  • Lock time 

The graph can be scaled according to the values and the units can be selected in kg/mm, N/mm, lb./inch and oz/inch at any time. The results are not affected and will automatically be converted by a later change.

With the included firing pin sensors one is also able to test the time between the release of the trigger and the very moment the firing pin comes out of the breech face. The time, the lock time, will be displayed to the tenth of a millisecond.

The software can store the complete test results including the graph as a file, which can easily be retrieved and compared with other tests. If every firearm that leaves the armory or company is tested and the file stored or printed, it can be used as evidence in case one has to proof that the gun in question had met certain limits, when it left the facility. On some guns it is actually possible to see on the shape of the graph, that internal safety devices are present and working.

For easy and comfortable testing we supply the TriggerScan™ System with a special fixture to hold almost all kinds of firearms. This fixture is included in the system.

Today's world leaves no room for compromises. Many people cannot evaluate the full accuracy potential of their firearm, but everybody can pull the trigger and "feel" any creep.

With the TriggerScan™ system you will see what they will feel ....... in an objective way!