The TriggerScan System


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The TriggerScan System is the industrial and law enforcement standard for the evaluation of firearm triggers, springs and "force versus travel" related measurements. 

The Instrument will

  • graphically display numerically analyze a trigger pull
  • measure the lock time and display it in milliseconds.
  • graphically display the force of springs
  • numerically analyze springs
  • measure forces versus travel in general

The Software

  • is multilingual (English, Spanish, German or Czech)
  • can be switched between metric and imperial units. (N, kg, oz, lbs /  mm, inch)


The Measurements are show as a force versus travel graph and will be analyzed for

  • maximum force
  • travel to actuate
  • initial take-up
  • overtravel
  • energy to actuate
  • lock time


NEW! Modul for the use in an armory or production environement

  • efficient fixture for a fast and reliable use
  • no need to use the keyboard or the mouse of the computer for the operation
  • operation with a special small and easy to use keyboard
  • optional input of the serial number with barcode or transponder (RFID) - scanner
  • Control of the complet test operation including the storage of the dada is possible with 3 key strokes
  • complette measuring cycle including storage in less the 1 minute
  • storage of the measured values as TRG, CSV, XSLX (in preperation), PDF or as printout